What I Learned and Liked

I learned SO much in Intro to Public Relations this semester! I can’t even begin to list the many insights I gained from the class. However, I enjoyed learning what PR is really about. Practitioners strive to maintain mutually beneficial relationships between an organization and their publics. People have huge misconceptions about what PR is and what it does. Now, when people ask me what it is, I can offer them an description. It’s difficult to pinpoint a specific aspect of the class that I liked because I enjoyed the class as a whole. The atmosphere was laid-back and encouraged class discussion. I appreciated that tests were online. It significantly reduced the stress level in my life, considering all the other classes I had this semester made me absolutely crazy. I can’t wait to take Publications with you next semester!


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  1. Hey, Alicia! I enjoyed this blog post because I agree! Who was your Intro to Public Relations professor? I took this course in Fall 2009. My prof was Michelle Groover. It was awesome for many reasons. First, Professor Groover (www.twitter.com/mgroover) has a great personality. She was slightly humorous and was enthusiastic about public relations which helped most students stay focused in class. Well, at least I did. I liked the class because we learned about all of the aspects of PR like you said. Before, people used to ask me what PR practicioners do, and it was sort of difficult to really describe or pin-point their specific tasks and jobs. People used to say things like, “Oh, all you guys do is plan events and promote.” And now that I’ve taken this course last year, it helped me to be able to shoot those types of comments down with a long description of the many things that a PR professional can do! We are creative, social, and innovative! Go, PR! 🙂


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