Chapter 8: Selecting Publicity Photos and Graphics

This chapter shares a great deal of information regarding publicity photos. I’ve never really thought about publicity photos as being an aspect of public relations. Chapter 8 opened my eyes to the many uses of photos in PR, as well as the knowledge necessary to work with photos. It has helped prepare me to work with photos and photographers in my field.

At the beginning of the chapter, the text offers helpful tips on how to take product photos that get published. Several tips that I found particularly useful include:

1) Show the product in a scene where it would logically be used.

2) Put perspective into the photo so viewers will know how big the item is.

3) Don’t accept anything but the best in photographs.

4) Take at least two photos- vertical and horizontal- of each new product. This makes them adaptable to a variety of situations.

5) The setting should be realistic, with everything hooked up and ready to go.

6) Be sure that the background contrasts with the product. Make the product stand out (Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques).

The sections on contracts and the photo session illustrated the importance of conveying your expectations and proper planning. All agreements made with photographers should be in writing and include fees, expenses, end results, copyright issues, and the nature of photograph use (Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques). There are several steps in planning a photo session, including:

1) Make a list of the pictures you want.

2) Know who you need, where and when you need them, and what props will be required.

3) Notify people whose pictures are to be taken. Get releases, if needed.

4) Be sure that the location for the photo session is available, clean, and orderly.

5) Consider lighting. Will the photographer have everything needed, or should you make preparations?

6) Have everyone and everything at the right place at the right time.

7) Tell the photographer what you need, not how to do the job (Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques).


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