Rick Sanchez: Oops!


While surfing PROpenMic for something of interest, I stumbled upon an article on a classic example of an “oops” statement (PROpenMic). CNN Reporter, Rick Sanchez, during a discussion with fellow reporter Jessica Yellin in regards to recent controversies surrounding President Obama and his religious faith, used an old-fashioned phrase, “he’s the cotton-picking President!” Shortly after his comment, CNN went to commercial. Upon returning from the break, Sanchez offered a sincere apology and clarification for his poor choice of words (Mediaite Article).

This is a perfect example of an employee statement that could have potentially had a negative effect on the public’s view of CNN. Fortunately, Sanchez took immediate action and presented his apology. If he had neglected to do so, however, his statement would have likely been blown out of proportion by the media. This “oops” serves as a gentle reminder for professionals to watch what they say, take responsibility for their words and actions, and apologize when they’re wrong. All are simple steps that so many of us neglect from time to time, but can save use from a heap of trouble.


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  2. Oh my gosh. That sucks! I have heard of a story of which someone had typed what they thought was “Public Relations” in a subject headline to someone and they had actually typed “Pubic Relations” hahaha!! I hope I never have one of those stories to tell!


  3. This is a perfect example of an oops statement. It’s so common for people to get worked up about a topic or an issue, and not even realize that whay they are saying might offend someone. Especially as someone as well respected as Rick Sanchez has to watch what they say in order to make sure that they don’t upset anyone with their words. And if for some reason they accidentley offend someone an apology is in order. If an apology is not given they risk offending even more people than they attended. An apology is always the way to go when it comes to covering your behind.


  4. Funny. It proves that no one is perfect in the media. Even our past and present President’s have bloopers time to time when in public giving statements or speaches. I haven’t heard of this one yet, I think it is funny how CNN handled it though. Cutting to commercial and then making him apoligize to the public right after the break! I can only imagine his lecture during the commercials. Hysterical.


  5. Oh wow, thats really funny. Its not funny in the sense that it implies a racial slur, but its funny that he just put his foot in his mouth for a second on TV. I agree with you 100% that he should be more aware of what he’s saying, but I know that his intention wasn’t to attack President Obama or insult him, he simply made reference to an addage that people say all the time in an awkward context.
    Once he realized that he had made a mistake, Sanchez did a good job to acknowledge his slip up and apologized immediately, obviously he doesn’t have a time machine so he can’t go back in time and take back his statement so this was the best thing that he could do. I really do respect that he corrected himself as soon as he could rahter than waiting and having to be forced to apologize or pressured by the other media reporters.


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