NewsU Cleaning Your Copy TOW #4

I learned a great deal from the NewsU Cleaning Your Copy course. First, the pre-test allowed me to see my weak areas, which include punctuation and confusing words. It also answered many of the questions that I ask myself when writing, such as when to use lay and lie and who and whom. I learned the proper context in which to use semi-colons, punctuation that I stay away from for fear of improper use. I discovered several words that I had never heard of before, including biennial, flout, and loath. 

The course was not as treacherous as I expected, which surprised me. I was actually dreading it, simply because I tire of hearing about AP Style. However, the course is interesting and the way it’s presented is user-friendly. The format is much better than any other AP tutorials and quizzes I have seen. It allows the user to work at his or her own pace, which I appreciate. The practice at the end was helpful, but there were a few questions that were difficult. After several tries, I could not figure out what corrections needed to be made. An answer key would have been nice. The final test was a big challenge. A different format would have allowed for a better score. That way, test-takers can receive credit for the corrections they make, rather than only a completely correct sentence.

I’m not sure what I want to know more about in regards to AP Style. It is something that needs to be practiced in order to really learn it. I’m aware that it is a necessary skill in public relations, but I am not keen on many of the AP rules. It is highly likely that I will gain plenty of experience in this class with the assignments we have coming up.


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  1. Ap was a little tricky for me at first as well. After taking B. Nixon’s AP bootcamp and viewing her video on how to mark your AP Stylebook I felt much more comfortable. The only way to get used to AP is to actually use it like you said. Another class that is helping me understand more and more about AP style is the Copy Editing class that I’m currently enrolled in at GSU. It is a great class for PR majors and for those who are also interested in journalism (which happens to be my minor).


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