“Please leave us alone,” said Steve Jobs.

As I opened up my PR Daily News Feed email, I was shocked to see an article about Steve Jobs telling a journalism student to, “leave us alone.” Apparently, a senior journalism student from Long Island University attempted to contact Apple’s Media Relations Department numerous times to obtain information for a news article, an assignment for her journalism class. Angered by the department’s negligence to respond to her messages, the student reached out to Steve Jobs via email. The two went back and forth several times until Jobs called it quits with his last comment. After bringing her emails and frustrations with Apple to the media, namely ABC, neither the PR department or Steve Jobs chose to comment (Gawky.com). This story disgusts me. First, the department responsible for communicating to its customers completely neglects one. Then, the CEO of Apple responds to an email with a childish remark. Yes America, this is a man whose vision shapes the technology of tomorrow and whose pockets we fill to the brim. And yet he lacks the character and values to treat every customer with honor, dignity, and respect. I would be surprised if Apple actually has a PR department.


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  1. In general I would like to say that I enjoyed surfing on your blog. I especially liked the coloring and the lay-out. It has a fresh, classic feel to it. Posts are easy to find and there are plenty of pictures to capture attention.

    Specifically, I would like to comment on this post. I was too was shocked that Steve Jobs would react to anyone the way that he did to the student. I think it was totally unprofessional, rude, arrogant and disrespectful. And I think Mr. Jobs needs to make an apology. In addition, wouldn’t we all make a very loud statement if we boycotted Apple products for a day–a week, a month? How fast would he climb down from his high horse then?


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  3. It certainly wasn’t the most tactful response by Jobs. What this article doesn’t detail is the information that the student was asking for; if it was sensitive information, there is no wonder why Jobs was annoyed. Who would want to divulge future-product details to every soon-to-be grad student who asks?

    Of course, just because no one knows what the student asked, doesn’t mean my first assumption is the right one. Maybe he just wanted to know about findr details of production; or who oversees the iphone updates.

    You mentioned that Steve Jobs’ vision was shaping the technlology of tomorrow. I sadly think you’re right. Apple does have a nifty way of making a lot of money; sometimes at the expense of the consumer: consider the several update failures after paying 400$ for a new Iphone.


  4. Posted by caitbaileyy on October 19, 2010 at 3:30 PM

    That is really dissapointing that Steve Jobs had such a negative response to someone who just wanted to gather information for a school project. It is sad to see respected individuals treat people who are trying to make thier way into the field in a bad way, I wish they would be more willing to help. He obviously has no concern for his supporters or customers and I hope he is getting the backlash for his comment that he deserves! But on the other hand, maybe the student was prying for personal information so I guess we will never know what exactly sparked his disrespectful comment!


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