TOW #7: One Week of Twitter

I thoroughly enjoyed my one week of Twitter assignment. A friend convinced me to get a Twitter account last summer, so it was probably easier for me to do the assignment than others. However, it was challenging for me to create 20 tweets and respond to five of my classmates, as I mostly follow others rather than tweet. Visit my feed here!

There are several aspects of Twitter that I like. First, following celebrities is a neat experience. As people, we idolize individuals who possess unique talents, beauty, and fortune. Because of  the media and its gatekeepers, though, we often are unable to see celebrities as people. They eat, drink, sleep, and breathe just like everyone else. I think that many of us forget that. With Twitter, you are able to see what celebrities are thinking and doing. You have the opportunity to see who they are as people, rather than the commercialized versions we are fed via the media.

Second, I love quotes! I follow about five people/organizations that tweet inspirational and motivational quotes. I feed off of the wise words and encouragement of others. I think that when you’re not pursuing what you love and striving for personal growth, you’re wasting valuable time. The pictures below are of a few of the quote-tweeters I follow.

Great Minds Quotes  i heart quotes    Inspirational Quotes    Motivational Quotes

Third, I get the latest news via CNN and Breaking News on Twitter. I don’t have to turn on the television or log onto a website. I receive Twitter updates via my smart phone. This generally enables me to know the latest and greatest news before newspapers and news channels are even talking about it.

Next, receiving PR tips, advice, and updates is a useful aspect of Twitter. Prior to this assignment, I did not follow any practitioners or experts. I found that many of them offered insight into the field, which is something I did not expected to gain.

Lastly, I enjoy interacting with others on Twitter. It’s cool to see what others are doing, thinking, and sharing. Being able to respond to someone’s tweets enhances the experience. Twitter is similar to blogging in the respect that if no is reading your tweets/posts, your tweets/posts are pointless. When others comment on your tweets, it illustrates that others are interested in and relate to what you have to say.

Overall, I think Twitter is a form of social media that will continue to grow and flourish not only as a personal tool, but as a public relations tool also.


4 responses to this post.

  1. I couldn’t agree more with this post! I had also previously created a Twitter account prior to this assignment so I’m semi-familiar with how to utilize all the features of this social networking site. Even though I have some experience, I found it difficult to send twenty Tweets and respond to five Tweets made by my classmates. I will usually send a Tweet from my phone randomly here and there but when I’m required to do so it becomes harder because I’m constantly thinking about whether or not my Tweet contains something interesting and professional. I love seeing all the advice from PR professionals in the field, it really helped me out and gave me some tips that I will take with me in my career in the future. The last line of your post is so true, in my opinion; I share the thought that Twitter is a continuously growing tool that makes it easy to communicate with others and is extremely useful for PR professionals!


  2. Hey! It looks like we had similar experiences with the one week of twitter. I had a friend convince me to get one before the assignment and I love following celebrities on twitter, too! I like how you can just read what they are doing; it really does feel more personal and not just seeing them as stars on the red carpet. I also agree that twitter will definitely be a growing form of social media. So many people use it and it is really helpful to get information like articles and news stories. I had difficulty too coming up with 20 tweets. Even though I had twitter before I feel like I wasn’t very interactive with it before the assignment.


  3. I am glad that you enjoyed your Twitter assignment. I definitely didn’t. Though, I did understand the importance of the assignment. It helped me to realize how Twitter can be helpful with staying in tune with what’s going on in the world.
    I love quotes, too. I follow a couple different people/groups that put up all kinds of quotes. They inspire me when I’m having a bad day or sometimes I like to get ideas for poems from quotes.
    I follow some comedians and a couple of celebrities. It is really interesting to see what they have to say. Following celebrities makes them seem more human and real.


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