TOW #6- Newsworthiness

There are several components that can create a newsworthy story. They include timeliness, prominence, proximity, significance, unusualness, conflict, newness, and human interest (Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques). Timeliness is considered one of the most important characteristics of news. By definition, news must be current. One can make a story timely by announcing something when it happens, providing information or story ideas related to current news stories, relate products or services to an event that has national recognition and interest, and by offering information linked to events and holidays that are already on the public agenda. A prominent story is one that uses a celebrity’s star power to gain attention. Proximity is a concept that uses a local angle to appeal to hometown papers and broadcast stations. Significance includes situations or events that can affect a substantial number of people, such as global warming. Unusualness includes anything out of the ordinary, like an 80-foot birthday cake. Conflict in the news occurs when two or more groups advocate different views on a topic of interest in a story. A human interest story discusses the lives and experiences of individuals and is successful because people like to read about other people. Something that’s new, or newness, is generally a hot topic that generates stories (Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques). Each of these components can create a newsworthy story.


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