Overweight? We’ve got the Perfect Social Media Campaign for you!

According to an article published by The New York Times, an organization known as the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation has teamed up with the ad firm Saatchi and Saatchi to create a social media campaign “to help reduce obesity-especially childhood obesity- by 2015,”(HWCF site). More than 120 companies, including Coca-Cola, General Mills and ConAgra, have joined the initiative. The organization, using the term “energy balance,” aims to encourage children, adults and families to create a balance between the calories they take in and the energy they use. The campaign, which has yet to begin, is already under much scrutiny by critics of corporate food marketers. They question whether companies that, as they perceive it, have contributed so much to Americans’ becoming obese are capable of providing solutions.

PGA of America - Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation's 100th Member!

This campaign is something that I neither love or hate. It has yet to begin, so it’s difficult for me to really analyze it. Do I think it’s a bad concept? Not at all. It appears that the organization is concerned for the well-being of Americans and desires to improve the obesity rate. Whether each company’s motives are pure is a different story. Either way, it can’t hurt. As far as whether or not the companies involved are to blame for America’s weight problem, yes and no. Although they may produce unhealthy products, each person chooses what he or she puts into their mouth. Could what they put into their foods be better for consumers, sure. Could consumer food choices be healthier, of course.


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  1. I’m not shocked to hear about this campaign. It seems that everyone is trying to fight the obesity rates from increasing anymore than they already are. Especially in children. I agree with you when you said that yes and no you can blame the companies for the current obesity rate, but at the same time no one forces people to put junk food into their mouths. I guess we will just have to wait and see how the campaign does. I hope that the campaign helps to teach not only kids but also adults what is healthy to eat and how important exercise really is. If everyone can learn this one simple little fact I think that the obesity rate would decrease dramatically over the next couple of years.


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