ROR: Return on Relationship

A WordPress blogger, who happens to be Chief Social Marketing Officer for OpenSky, recently wrote about a term he coined “ROR,” Return on Relationship (View blog). Ted Rubin took the classic marketing term, “ROI”, Return on Investment, and raised it to the next level. In his blog, he argues that in order to generate ROIs, a company has to develop RORs. How? Through the use of social media/marketing. Rubin said, “Everyone is trying to assign a dollar value to a Facebook fan or Twitter follower instead of addressing the fact that the engagement and interaction that takes place in these mediums are incredibly important to a brand. Building a relationship with existing and future customers is the true value and strength of social media/marketing and what will and has allowed brands to survive and flourish for the long-term.” I admire how he boldly advocates the PR/marketing role/relationship in generating sales and creating long-term customer relationships. I couldn’t agree more!

Ted Rubin


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  1. That’s interesting. It seems that the PR field will evolve, yet again, with the understanding that the one-highly visited website is facebook. I’m not a big fan of advertisements: I never have been. But if someone wants to ernestly find out about a company, social networking sites offer a perfect format for developing a relationship with its customers. Obviously, companies are understanding this much more now, but the better PR consultants are getting paid increasingly big bucks. I think this quality is identifiable in the bigger companies. That’s not always true, as there are a number of multi-million dollar advertisements that have failed horribly and a number of low-budget ads that returned a huge customer response, but the majority of companies who spend a lot of money on their PR department usually reflect the highest ROIs.


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