PR Daily Recognizes PR Prof’s Blog!

While musing through Ragan’s PR Daily News Feed e-mail from November 22, I came across a small article on tweeting in class. The title seemed familiar, and as I continued to read, I realized it was referring to a blog post created by my public relations writing professor, Barbara Nixon! I was quite excited to find that she had received recognition from Ragan’s PR Daily! Her blog, called Public Relations Matters, shares her thoughts on texting in class versus tweeting in class and related etiquette during presentations. Her recognition says a great deal about her as a PR professional and educator. It illustrates that she posses accurate and up-to-date knowledge in the field, that I’m learning the necessary skills needed to succeed in public relations. She’s at the fore-front of social media and the assignments in her class reflect that. I am proud to be one of her students.

Public Relations Matters


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  1. Thanks! It’s good to know that you’re keeping up with Ragan’s PR Daily.


  2. I also came across this article! It is interesting to see how blogging can connect so may various people, especialy those in the public relations world. Seeing this actually motivates me to continue blogging and to be more involved in the blogging world. Perhaps one day, our blogs will allow us to find many opportunities in our realm of the business industry.


  3. Wow! I did not see that on the PR Daily site unfortunately! I read the texting in class article not too long ago and thought it was spot-on advice. This is a prime example of how connected the public relations world is becoming. Professor Nixon’s blog is visually attractive, easy to navigate, and is updated often. It’s great that someone who was required to check her blog noticed these traits as well! Way to go BNixon! 🙂


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