Yet Another Social Media Blunder

An employee in charge of Cheapflights UK’s twitter account recently tweeted “Oh for f*cks sake, stop crying you silly bint.” Rather than tweeting on her account, however, she accidentally posted it on the Cheapflights account. Her tweet was in reference to watching Katie Waissell on “The X Factor”. Cheapflights quickly deleted the tweet and issued an apology (view here). Luckily, a blogger captured a screen shot of the tweet before it was too late ;). (below) swears, uses rude term form women

My first reaction to this tweet was, “Oh no, she dropped the F bomb!” Then it occurred to me that “silly bint” was some sort of derogatory term of which I was not familiar. Upon further review, I discovered that it’s a negative term for a female, similar to a whore. This term significantly increases the damage done by the tweet. Both terms are highly inappropriate in any context, but even more so on a corporate Twitter account. We often forget that social media, if used improperly, can negatively impact an image. This serves as yet another reminder to be careful with both personal and business social media accounts.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Wow, that’s hilarious. I’m ROFL. The lady obviously spoke her mind as she thought it. Surely, some things are better left unsaid. But sometimes, even though they are preserving a pristine public image, I get frustrated with companies speaking so politically correct. It seems that most companies will hide their true opinions about people or incidents because they are afraid of besmerching their companies image. Even if that is the concerned and sensitive thing to do, it doesn’t seem very honest. This is a good example of one of those honest opinions.


  2. When I first started to read your post I started to burst out laughing. Once again this is one of those situations that you really need to watch what you say online. Why is it that people need to post those types of things online? I feel if you must share your opinions then do them without saying cuss words and try to keep them somewhat appropriate. Anyone can see what you say online and why would you want someone to form a bad opinion about you just because you feel like stating your opinion about someone’s performance. This lady is very dumb for what she did and needs to watch what she chooses to post online next time.


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