Facebook Causes Asthma Attacks

An article posted by the Los Angeles Times tells of a group of Italian doctors who warn of the dangers of Facebook. In a study published in Lancet, a British medical journal, they describe a case of an 18-year-old male who suffered Asthma attacks after logging onto his Facebook account. His symptoms were in check until he discovered his ex-girlfriend’s activity on the networking site. Apparently, she had added other potential suitors and removed him as a friend, blocking him from her page. The patient took the break-up rather hard, putting him in a “depressive state.” The cure, of course, is abstaining from visiting the site. The doctors noted that “psychological stress is a recognized cause of asthma attacks,” and that Facebook could create “a new source of psychological stress” for many.

I got quite a laugh out of this article. It’s obvious that stress triggers asthma attacks, doctors have know this for years. Apparently, they felt the need to conduct a study linking it to Facebook.  If something that upsetting is on any website, an asthma patient is going to have an adverse reaction. If it’s a medium that people use to communicate, there is always going to be potential for “psychological stress.” You don’t need a PhD to figure that out.


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