TOW #16: Blog Comments

Blogging is a very important element of not only this class, but of a public relations practitioner’s tool kit. The following list is my top ten blogging tips for PR students.

1) Because most online classes don’t require you to be in a certain place at a certain time, it’s very easy to neglect your blogs. Set aside a specific time during the week to work on your blog and commit to it!

2) Keeping up with your blogs is a necessary component of this class. Be consistent!

3) Don’t make excuses. I have been working 50 hours a week this summer and it has been very easy for me to neglect my blog. Ultimately, though, I could have been working on my blogs in my spare time, rather than trying to catch up on sleep. Excuses equal poor grades.

4) Comment on at least one blog a week. It truly makes the blogging experience more interactive and enjoyable.

5) Take time to create a personal section in your blog. Blogging about subjects you’re interested in makes it seem less like work.

6) Add pictures! I came across a blog full of attention-grabbing pictures and it made the blog so much more interesting.

7) Include links to other helpful sites/blogs. When you do, it illustrates your interest in and knowledge of a topic.

8 ) Add classmates to your blogroll. It makes it easy to check out what your peers are saying without having to search for them.

9) Proofread! It is extremely important to check for errors. When you post a blog that has errors, it sends a message that you don’t care.

10) Comment on comments. Respond to those who comment on your blogs to let them know that you appreciate their input/feedback. That’s what makes blogging interactive.


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