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Comment #1

TOW2: Grammar Girl


When I saw that this was TOW #2, I thought I would read about an issue pertaining to writing. I was surprised to read that you found a podcast on saving money on glasses and contacts. This topic peaks my interest as well because my 15-year-old brother has been wearing glasses since he could walk. A few years ago, he started using contacts instead. Like you, my parents have spent mass amounts of money on eye care and wear. Prior to reading your blog, I had never considered ordering these products online because of the tangiable aspect. However, if you wear contacts, this is a great opportunity to save money. I’m glad that you chose to write on this topic and I plan to share the information with my parents. Thank you!

Comment #2

TOW #2: Grammar Girl


I first would like to say that I love your theme (mine is the same ;))! Second, the topic that you chose from Grammar Girl’s site was a great pick. Until I came across your blog, it had never occurred to me that swear words can be an issue in professional writing. I wouldn’t even consider using potentially offensive words in my work unless I was quoting someone like Mel. I have to remember, though, that everyone is not like me and each person has a different view. Mignon Fogarty’s three questions are spot-on in regards to choosing whether or not to swear. Perhaps that’s why she has her own web site.

Comment #3

6 ways to write a cover letter


I really enjoyed your blog on writing a cover letter. I actually have to create one very soon for one of my classes. The tip that stood out to me is number five. I have a deep passion for Chick-fil-A and it is my dream to work at the corporate office in Atlanta. I would take practically any position there just so I could be a part of the home office team. Realistically, though, it wouldn’t be fair to me or to Chick-fil-A. I have spent over four years as a team member and leader of my local restaurant while earning both my high school diploma and college degree. I deserve to work in a position in which I use my skills and talents to the best of my ability, to accomplish new and great things. Although it would be an honor, sweeping the floor of the home office would be a waste not only of my abilities and strengths, but of the hard work I have done to achieve my goals.

Comment #4

Top 10 Commandments of Facebook


This is a topic that I hear about in almost every class. Out of concern for not only my privacy, but the eyes of potential employers, I made my Facebook profile almost entirely private. But, like the article stresses, it’s important to remember your friends. People truly don’t want to hear about some of your experiences or your bizarre thoughts. There are many inappropriate topics that should not be mentioned anywhere near a social media site. You would think that it’s common sense (and courtesy), but so many people don’t get it. That’s why we continue to hear about people losing their jobs because of their posts and pictures. Even if they are completely innocent, like the example of the teacher, people can misconstrue meaning.

Comment #5

TV Viewers are Media Multitaskers?


I find it amusing that this technology-fest activity has an official name. I agree that many people in our generation are obsessed and consumed with technology. I can understand this behavior to a certain extent. However, my biggest pet peeve is cell phone obsession. Because many cell phones are now smartphones, people can watch tv, surf the web, instant message, and text on one device. I find it to be rude when you are trying to have a conversation with someone and they can’t put down their phone. The worst use of smartphones I’ve seen is during business meetings and class time. I can’t think of a better way to be more blatantly disrespectful. I think that our society needs to learn when it’s appropriate to use technology and when it’s not, as well as how to enjoy life without it.

Comment #6

Reality TV- Popular?


Ah, reality television. What can I say, I’m a sucker for a few of these shows. I agree with your statement about Jersey Shore in regards to sex and drinking. I am the complete opposite of these characters when it comes to lifestyle choices. They want to party, drink, talk trash about each other, and have sex with strangers, and that couldn’t be further from who I am. However, their actions are absolutely ridiculous, which makes them comical. Their drama is so insignificant in the scheme of things. I admittedly watch the show because I can’t wait to see what kind of foolishness they’ll get into next. Another reality show I enjoy is Project Runway. Designers have to throw garments together at the drop of a hat, and it’s fun to see what they come up with. Although many reality shows are far from reality, their unscripted, more realistic aspects make them much more relatable than characters from CSI or Grey’s Anatomy.

Comment #7

Gramma Girl Saves the Day


Wow, that quick and dirty tip is amazing! I, too, have always struggled with the use of “who” and “whom.” I am astounded that after all this time, something so simple and concrete has cleared up my confusion. Grammar girl rocks! In regards to “its versus it’s,” there is a big difference. “It’s” is a contraction (two words put together ,like I’m and can’t) that stands for “it is” or “it has.” On the other hand, “its” is a possessive pronoun, showing ownership. I hope my explanation is helpful to you.

Comment # 8

10 things not to do when using Twitter


I agree with several of the top ten reasons people fail at Twitter. In regards to number two, it irks me when someone updates their feed and it automatically shows up on his or her Facebook account. If I want to know what you are saying on Twitter, I will look at your feed. What’s the point of using different social media websites if you treat them all the same? Automated tweet responses irritate me as well. They are super impersonal and give the impression that the author isn’t interested in you as an individual. A reason not listed that can attribute to Twitter failure is foul language. I have seen feeds loaded with inappropriate language. Needless to say, those individuals lost a follower.

Comment #9

PR Connection #8- “Interruptions are Evil!”


First of all, I want to say that I admire you for taking care of your grandmother. I couldn’t imagine having to be responsible for someone that needs me at this time in my life. In regards to the blog post, it definitely speaks to me. I am guilty not only of allowing technology to distract me, but to help me to procrastinate as well. I can’t count the number of times I’ve logged onto my laptop to do homework and I end up checking my Facebook, e-mail, bank accounts, and other sites. By the time I finish visiting these sites, I’ve wasted 30 minutes and don’t want to sit at the computer anymore. If I actually GET to my homework, I’m distracted by a text and then I spend a few minutes texting or talking on the phone. It makes me question whether or not I’m using technology to harm or help me.

Comment #10

Rutger’s Student Death A Hate Crime?!?!


It was very disheartening to hear about this story on the news several weeks ago. First of all, what someone does on their own time in the privacy of their living quarters is no one’s business (unless, of course, it’s an illegal activity). Second, every person has the right to love who they want. Whether or not you disagree with it is irrelevant. It’s not your life, nor is it affecting it. Third, what those two students did to a fellow student and, might I add, human being caused him such great distress that he found it necessary to end his life. I hope that these heartless individuals receive the punishment they deserve. Perhaps some day they will come to terms with the responsibility they feel for the death of an innocent person.

Comment #11

Love is the Movement!


It’s inspiring that you take time out of your life to remember those who took their own lives and to try and help those who are struggling. Suicide is clearly an issue in our society, and many of us don’t realize it. Writing the word “love” on your arm is a great way to create awareness because, obviously, people are going to ask why it’s there. Also, I had heard of TWLOHA, but I thought it was a band or some sort of group. Now that I know what it is and the great work it does, I will be sure to spread the word about this life-changing organization. Thank you!

Comment #12

GAP got a new look…NOT!


I think this was definitely a publicity stunt. If you’re not sure, just look at the new logo. What kind of sorry-excuse-for-a-logo is that? The word “Gap” in a boring font followed by a blue square intermingling with the letter “p.” The logo isn’t interesting, unique, or eye-catching. It’s a huge disappointment, and, frankly, quite embarrassing. Then again, I haven’t been very impressed with their clothes selection lately. Perhaps the Gap has taken a turn for the worst.

Comment #13

PR Connection: A fast food frenzy that doesn’t disappear fast


I’m not sure that the beef patty and bun didn’t decompose, but I’m positive that the fries did. Have you ever cleaned out your car and found an old french fry? If so, you probably noticed that it still looked just like a french fry. No mold or yucky smell, just an old crusty fry. Why is that? The oil it’s cooked in serves as a preservative, semi-crystallizing it if you will. Though McDonalds may say their food has no preservatives, it is cooked in something that serves as one. Either way, we all know that food cooked in almost any kind of oil generally is not a healthy choice. Therefore, if we choose to eat fast food, we should take responsibility for our food decisions. After all, most every for-profit business is in the market to make money.

Comment #14

Justin Bieber: The Genius of Spin


Justin Bieber is the social media prince. He used YouTube to share his talent with the world. Eventually, his videos caught the attention of some important people and he landed a record deal. Now, he helps maintain his fan base with his incessant tweets, often thanking his fans, promoting events and other celebrities, and asking fans questions. Unfortunately, he’s not very popular with boys his age. Based on my perception of Justin Bieber, I think that his statement regarding the incident is factual. He’s a friendly, outgoing kid who seems to get along with everyone. My brother is 15 and he’s mentioned that he thinks JB is gay. Obviously, he’s jealous of his success and all the attention he gets from the ladies. It’s not far-fetched to think that another male teen would call him the same name, even to his face.

Comment #15

The ‘I Like it’ mystery on Facebook


Now I get it! Ha ha! I figured it was for something, but I wasn’t sure. A few of my friends who used the status message are very conservative, so I knew they weren’t alluding to what first popped into my head. As far as its effectiveness, I think it’s successful. Although it may seem inappropriate at first, it solicits attention and creates buzz. It’s hard not to be curious with such a status. The goal is to make people ask questions, and that’s just what it does. It creates a perfect opportunity for someone to spread breast cancer awareness.

Comment #16

PR Connections: Using Social Media to Jumpstart Your Career


I hear about this more and more, especially since social media is becoming increasingly prevalent. Number one is the most significant point on this list. If you post something anywhere online, sometimes even if it’s private, it’s likely that someone you don’t want to see it will. Although the privacy settings on Facebook seem to be improving, you never know who your friends’ friends are. Plus, the internet remembers everything. So that Myspace profile you created when you were 13 and never deleted is still out there. Pages you created or comments you made, which you have completely forgotten about, just might come back to haunt you. Be careful!

Comment #17

Facebook’s Prvacy Scandals


Agreed! It is quite apparent that Facebook isn’t truly interested in the privacy of its users. Ever since I created an account with them, some company has been attempting to solicit my attention and personal information. Now, when you remove an ad, they ask you why and then tell you it’s because they want to deliver more relevant ads to you. Aka they’re storing your preferences in order to better solicit you. However, in Facebook’s defense, they don’t charge for their services, and they have to make money somehow. Even so, if they were honest about their privacy policies and took responsibility for their mistakes, the company’s reputation would be significantly better.

Comment #18

PR Connection #9


Using PR in public school systems is quite an unusual concept. I suppose that’s because when most people think of PR, they think about promoting something. A school doesn’t choose it’s customers, so, at first, I dismissed the concept. However, if this school’s image is poor or parents and community members feel that it isn’t keeping them informed, PR could be the perfect solution. We’re so used to shoving our kids off to school and assuming that their education will be taken care of. Whether parents realize it or not, this would be a great way to learn about what’s going on in school, as well as encourage them to get involved.

Comment #19

Diva In Denial


Wow! This disgusts me. J Lo thinks because she is a celebrity she can dictate her wants to anyone and they will be fulfilled. I understand that the hotel is expensive, but is it in their job description to go out of their way to make you comfortable? Her requests surely were expenditures of the company. I doubt if she gave them the money to purchase the items. Roses, special candles and soft-baked cookies? Really? I feel for the staff at the Dorchester. I’m sure she had them running around crazy so she could feel more at home. Then again, you don’t hear about the requests other celebs make, so maybe this is the norm. Either way, regardless of social and economic status, people shouldn’t be so demanding.

Comment #20

PR Connections: Public Relations is Not Your Saving Grace


This article hit the nail right on the head. Many people and businesses don’t understand that public relations exists to supplement marketing and advertising efforts, not to perform the responsibilities of all three. I think the first point is most significant: PR is intended to raise awareness and generate credibility. Although PR indirectly generates sales, that’s not its purpose. Practitioners aren’t miracle workers. If a company or person doesn’t utilize other means of communicating to the public, such as marketing and advertising, public relations efforts are completely futile. A business can’t one day decide that they care about their image and expect PR to work its magic. It has to start from the creation of a company and work in tandem with marketing and advertising.

Comment #21

PR Conection #10


This site seems very interesting. It likens the experience to flipping through your favorite magazines and is a neat concept. However, it doesn’t necessarily appeal to me. I know how to navigate the web and find sites that I need or want to explore. Honestly, I don’t have enough time to sit around and view sites that might interest me. It sounds like a service that might be more suited to older adults who struggle with internet navigation. It would be a great way to explore what the web has to offer using a simple format.

Comment #22

PR/Marketing Podcasts


This is a really neat post! It’s interesting to see the 9 different types of personalities at work. Oddly enough, I would consider myself to have 6 of the 9 personality traits. As a perfectionist, I strive to make things better. I’m also an achiever who pursues a positive image for my workplace and myself. As an observer, I’m motivated to acquire knowledge in order to know as I much as I can about my company. I’m both a questioner and an adventurer, seeking to prevent risk while exploring new possibilites. As an asserter, I want to make sure that everyone know the rules and follows them. Each of these traits sound just like me. I wonder if these types of personalities are applicable outside of the workplace.

Comment #23

PR Connections- Want to know how to save more money?


I find this article to be quite intriguing. I thought I knew the many uses of Twitter and Facebook, but I had no idea that these sites offered such a vast amount of coupons and even budgeting applications. What blows my mind the most, however, is people borrowing money via lenders on Facebook. I wonder if Is that’s even safe. Personally, I’ve never really thought about Facebook being used from a financial/budgeting standpoint. For me, it’s a way to connect with friends and family. But as social media continues to grow and thrive, typical outlets are beginning to serve more than their original purposes. As a public relations student, it is important for me to be mindful of this and to look for new ways to use social media.

Comment #24

When You Shouldn’t Tweet


Agreed! This article is entertaining and yet on-point in its statements. It’s crazy what and when people tweet, and I love how the list points them out. Driving definitely belongs in the number one position. Numerous accidents and fatalities have occurred because people are texting or tweeting while driving. I also appreciate number six, having a face to face conversation with someone else. It’s irritating when you are trying to talk to someone and they are glued to their phone. Going up and down the stairs, as well as swimming, are just funny. I think if people are foolish enough to tweet while performing these activities, they deserve the consequences. Most importantly, this article serves to remind us that there is an etiquette to follow when it comes to tweeting.

Comment #25

TOW #16


You offer some great blogging tips! I couldn’t agree more with number one: Proofread! When any form of writing contains errors, it appears as though the writer doesn’t care. Long posts are definitely a turn-off. No one wants to sit down and read one blog all day. Comments are truly an integral part of blogging. Blogging is intended to be an interactive and engaging experience. Comments spur conversations, allowing you to meet new people and learn new things. Attractive layouts are necessary in gaining initial interest of readers. Your site needs to grab attention. Creative and interesting headlines also draw readers to your blog. I do think that linking your blog to its source of information helps build credibility, but most importantly, protects you from plagiarism.